Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Overheard conversation

Last week I overheard a heated conversation between a man and woman in town. The conversation sounded pretty scandalous so I shared the tit-bits on Facebook that I heard. A few people wondered what happened next. So, just for fun, here's how the conversation continued.... (according to me that is!) 😊 

Her: I mean, have you thought about anything I’ve said at all?

Him: Of course I have.

Her: You do know there’s help available?

Him: I know. But it seems so cringe.

Her: But you’re going to have to do something. This can’t go on Jake.

Him: I know, I know. Please stop nagging me about it.

Her: Nagging you? Jake, I walked in on you with Sarah. You think I can just turn a blind eye to that?

Him: I know but it didn’t mean anything Amy. I was drunk.

Her: Jake, Sarah is my best friend. What were you thinking?

Him: I swear, it just happened. I didn’t mean anything to happen.

Her: Well, this has put me in a very difficult position. Sarah is my best friend and in a few months I’m to be bridesmaid to your fiancée! How can I walk up the aisle behind Joanne knowing what you’ve done to her?

Him: Amy, I’m begging you, please don’t tell Joanne. It meant nothing and it’ll only ruin everything if you tell her. Please Amy, you’re my best mate.

Her: For god’s sake, this is putting me in such a position.

Him: I know, I’m so sorry.

Her: Don’t apologise to me Jake. You’ll have to apologise to both of them. I’m sorry Jake, but they’re both sitting waiting in the pub for us. I’ve already told them. I couldn’t carry this secret anymore. You’re going to have to sort out your own mess this time.
(Opens door to pub where Sarah and Joanne are waiting anxiously). 
Goodbye Jake.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

The Great Debate - House Cat or Outdoor Cat?

New year, new cat. At the start of the year, I was given a beautiful white male cat – nine months old. I called him ‘Snowy’ – as most of you will know via my constant photos on Facebook.

I did all the suggested things – took him to the vet, got his injections, his worming tablets, cleaning fluids for his ears and got him neutered. The latter he was none too pleased about. Coming back home he gave me a dagger look which said “I can’t believe you did that to me”.

But anyway, moving on. It had been quite some years since I owned a cat (since my teenage years in fact) and I was really pondering the great debate. Do I let the cat go outside to play or do I keep him indoor as a house cat?

Delving into this question, I realised there is a great debate and people sway very adamantly on one side or the other.

I have one sister who has owned a cat for 12 years. Mo was let out once as a young cat and went missing for two weeks. We searched high and low, placed notices on lamp-posts; went round knocking all the neighbours’ houses. We even, alas, phoned the Council to see if a dead cat had been collected. Thankfully, there hadn’t. In fact, my sister received a phone-call not long after to say that a neighbour recognised the cat from the photo on the lamp-post and the cat had indeed been camping out in her garage. Happily, Mo was reunited to Rhoda and has never had any interest in going outside since.

My other sister has owned a couple of cats and is of the ‘let them outside to play’ argument. She believes that a cat should be given the freedom to run wild and chase birds, as nature intended.

When Snowy first arrived with me, I was sure I’d be in the ‘house cat’ camp. I couldn’t imagine the fear and worry every time he left the house. What if he’s got in a fight with another cat? What if a car has knocked him over? Or, what if, god forbid, someone else clapped their eyes on him and stole him?

Alas, I ordered loads of cat toys online with a view to keeping him occupied in the apartment. Here’s the thing, Snowy tires of toys very quickly. An hour’s active play and then he’s bored. The only ‘toy’ he has still kept interest in is the lid of a red biro!

So, one night he kept meowing at the front door. Meowing and meowing as if I was holding him hostage in a prison. Tentatively, I opened the front door and let him view the big bad world. He sniffed, he trotted and the next thing he was running away. Well, that was scary. But I just sat there for a while and ten minutes later he came running back again.
The next time he wanted out, he was out for an hour. Then another hour. But then one day he didn’t come home. Twenty-four hours passed and I was at my wit’s end. I had a tension headache from worrying about him. What he couldn’t find his way home? What if he’d gotten in a fight? What if he’d been run over?

I imagined having to tell my friend Paula – the girl who had given me the cat in the first place. Imagine her disappointment that I’d managed to lose him after only a couple of months!

And then, out of the blue, a loud meowing could be heard outside the window. I opened the door and he sauntered in. Rolled on the floor wanting his tummy tickled, trotted off to get some food and then slept for a day solid.

Now he comes and goes as he pleases. When he returns, he’s tired, sleeps for ages and eats lots. But he seems happier. He’s not running around the apartment demented, trying to burn up energy chasing a red biro lid. He’s outside burning up lots of energy instead.

I can totally understand people’s reasons for keeping their cat as a house cat, and even Cats Protection recommend it. But unfortunately for me, Snowy has told me that he’s an outdoor cat and there’s nothing I can do about it! 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Book Review - "Room" by Emma Donoghue

Oh my word. What an amazing book. When people say "I couldn't put it down" - I LITERALLY could not put it down. I was supposed to be writing on Sunday but instead I downed tools and listened to this audio book from lunch time until I finished it at 11.30pm that night. 

Initially, I had resisted reading this book. When it first came out a couple of years ago and was a massive hit, I read the blurb and thought 'oh dear, that sounds really depressing, I'm not sure I could handle that'. I knew it was about a woman locked in a room with her son and I worried that the book would feel really claustrophobic and horrible. 

However, after huge recommendations from my sister, and the fact that the book popped up in audible's daily deal, I thought I'd give it a go. 

At first, I found it a little hard to get used to the boy's voice as narration, but by the end of the book, I thought he was a complete dote and I loved listening to his voice. Also, I think that the fact that the book is told from his childlike narration makes this book bearable. If told from the mother's perspective, I think it would have been too heart-breaking. But instead, viewing the room through the boy's eyes, we see that what would normally be oppressive and claustrophobic is narrated through his simplistic and child-like eyes. 

This is a book that lived in my head even when I wasn't listening to it. I began to think about real-life cases - Josef Fritzl and the terrible tragedy that his daughter Elizabeth endured. Emma Donoghue dramatises this scenario and makes us comprehend the deep deep trauma that this tale involves. It also made me think of the Stockholm Syndrome, where the boy has actually become climatised to his environment.
Interesting too, that the boy's way of coping with the pain was to count. Counting his teeth. Counting the number of times the bed creaks. His OCD as a coping mechanism to deal with emotional pain. 

Whilst this all sounds heavy and hard-going, there is also the incredible and bond and love between the mother and boy. There is his complete reliance and trust in her. And there is bravery and courage amidst desperate struggle. 

I am looking forward to watching the film version as I hear from reviews that it has stayed very true to the book.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

We have a Winner!

We have a winner! Please watch video to see the draw! 

Thank you so much everyone for taking part! There were loads of entries! Stay tuned, I'm sure I will have another giveaway soon! 

Happy Sunday everyone and hope you all have a gorgeously lazy day x x 

Friday, 30 September 2016


Hi guys!

Because it's Friday and I'm in a good mood, I thought I'd do a lil' giveaway!

I'm giving a paperback copy of my novel "How to Look Like You" AND a Next Voucher for £20 to one lucky winner!

All you have to do is like and share my post! I'll put all the names into a hat and pick a winner next week.

Look forward to seeing who wins!

Rose x x

ps. Don't forget to head down to the Black Box next Friday 7th October to see my play "HOME WORK". Doors open at 12.15pm. Play begins at 12.30pm - finishes at 1.30pm.

Tickets not necessary - just pay £3 on the door.

This is a DOUBLE BILL - there will be my play for half an hour and a play called LONG GONE by Matt Faris for half an hour. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

A Book Review & chat about my current novel

The Versions of Us ~ by Laura Barnett

Think back to a time when you met someone you love. 

Imagine if something slightly different happened that night. You caught a later train or you decided not to go out that night.

“The Versions of Us” is a book about those moments of fate, when life could go in a completely different direction. It has a “Sliding Doors” feel to it.

There are three different versions of the love story between Jim and Eva:
1. Jim and Eva met, fell in love and got married
2. Jim and Eva met and fell in love but Eva married David
3. Jim and Eva got together but Eva went back to David

I found this book very confusing at first – I had no idea what was going on. Part of the problem was that I was listening to it on audio. If I was reading it on paperback, I would have been able to flick back and forth through the chapters get a clear indication of the version headings.

However, once I got to grips with the three versions, this proved to be a very interesting read.

My third novel

I am currently writing my third novel at the moment. Whilst there aren’t different ‘versions’ in the story, the novel does jump back and forward between ‘now’ and ‘then’.

In the ‘now’ chapters, we see how the character’s past (‘then’) experiences are affecting her present. I hope I have created this in a clear-cut way. I much prefer books that are easy to follow!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

Rose x 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

A Book, A TV series and a Short Play

Sex sells. Apparently. Which is why I want to talk about sex in my blog today. Or rather – Escorts.

Belle du Jour – My review on a book about the life of an escort.

The Secret Diary of a Call Girl – My review of the TV series which has been adapted from the book Belle du Jour

My short play – entitled HOME WORK – which is about a girl working from home as an escort.

The Secret Diary of a Call Gir

I have watched this entire series on box set several times and loved it. I found it hilarious and I think Billie Piper is a fantastic actress.

I have only got around to reading the book Belle du Jour recently. I wanted to see how it compared with the TV series.

I was interested to discover that the book is really very different from the TV series. I recognised very few scenes from the book and the character of Ben did not exist in the book.

The book is a series of blog posts, which, though funny in their own right, did not provide the same continuity as the TV series, nor the chemistry between Belle and Ben.

The reason I discuss the book and TV series is because the theme is similar to the short play I have written.

HOME WORK is a mix between The Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Pretty Woman. It is about a girl who works from home as an escort.

I have had one play put on by the Black Box before and it’s interesting to see how the Director adapts it and how the actors bring their energy to the script. I am looking forward to seeing how this play will be performed.

I hope you can make it down to see it. Date to be confirmed but it will be between October – December and will likely be a Friday lunchtime.

Thanks for reading!

Rose x x